100+ Things to Do With Residents

      Write a letter.

      Mail a letter.

    Serve water.

      Distribute food.

      Put on disposable apron at mealtime.

      Put meal away.

      Be an interpreter.

      Decorate room.

      Change calendar.

      Put on socks.

      Brush their hair.

      Put on jewelry.

      Teach a new language.

      Have coffee together.

      Read Residentís Rights.

      Register resident to vote.

      Do a crossword puzzle.

      Share your talent.

      Make a scrap book.

      Do a jigsaw  puzzle.

        Water plants.

      Attend Care Plan Meeting.

      Visit children in Child Care.

      Write a poem.

      Cut out coupons.

      Take a trip.

      Play cards.


      Use a computer.

      Escort to recreation events.

      Escort to religious services.


      Send an email.

      Put on Perfume. 

        Escort to yoga.

        Frame a picture.

        Go to a quiet place.

        Bring homemade food.

        Bring family pictures.

        Escort to garden.

        Look in a mirror together.

        Go shopping.

        Do needlework.


        Praise resident.

        Escort to a concert.

        Help make a telephone call.

        Play an audio tape.

        Put on a sweater.

        Read recreation schedule and menus.

        Escort to a quilting class.

        Assist at mealtime.

        Have tea together.

        Read the Bible.

        Tour Isabella.

        Walk on the unit.

        Listen to music.

        Give a hand massage.

        Give a manicure.






        Do arts and crafts.

        Watch a movie.

        Put on make-up.

        Bring a pet.       

        Write a family profile.

        Plant a flower.


        Watch birds.

        Celebrate a birthday.

        Play lotto.

        Play mental word games.

        Play dominos.

        Visit the greenhouse.

        Read a story.         

        Play bingo.

        Play checkers.

        Play chess.

        Escort to Doctorís visit.

        Escort to Physical Therapy.

        Escort to Occupational Therapy.

        Organize closet.

        Visit the fish.

        Take a photograph.


        Encourage resident.

        Visit the library lounges.

        Say prayers.

        Tell a joke.

        Share recipes.

        Read a magazine.


        Look at a catalogue.

        Prepare a snack.

        Do aromatherapy.

        Have lunch together.

   Teach cell phone use.

   Give a Hug.