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  • Bed linens and personal clothing are laundered off-site.
  • Soiled personal clothing should be placed in the provided mesh bag and sent via the linen chute.
  • Laundered items are returned to the resident’s room in about four days.
  • Bed linens are provided to each neighborhood daily.
  • We encourage staff, resident and family members to join our “going green” campaign and only use linen that is needed.
  • Items taken into the resident’s room cannot be used for others and the laundering of clean items is a waste of resources.
  • To ensure that clothing is returned to the correct resident we require that items be brought to the Nursing Station:
    1. Items will be added to the inventory.
    2. Family will receive a receipt.
    3. Items will be sent to Environmental Services for labeling and returned to the resident’s room in about four days.
  • Permanent marker does not withstand the laundry solutions and water temperatures.
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