You Could Be At Risk Of Fall

   We often notice that new residents at Isabella attempt to get up out of bed or out of their wheelchairs before the staff can determine if they are safe to do so, which puts them at great risk to fall.   

Consequences of Falls

Bruise or Scrape of Skin
Pain, limiting ability to progress in therapy
Anger and frustration

You are at risk to fall if you...

Recently had surgery
Were recently in the hospital
Are in a new place with unfamiliar surroundings
Had recent changes in your medications
Have a new illness or worsening of a present illness
Are someone who is learning how to use a new assistive device such as a wheelchair, walker, or cane.

                 Preventing falls is easy.  Allow the staff to assess your strength and safety before you get up on your own.  Also, know your limitations.  If you have doubts about your ability, donít get up!  Call for help instead. 

Do & Don't  List for Falls

Do: Use your call bell when in bed if you need to get up for any reason.
Donít:  Try to get out of bed by yourself.  If you fall, you may not be able to reach your call bell, which will delay your ability to get help.
Do: Let the staff know your schedule preferences, for example, what time you like to do certain activities.
Donít: Wait until the last minute to notify the staff that you need help.
Do: Practice what you learned in PT/OT with staff nearby.
Donít: Practice what you learned in PT/OT if you are not near your call bell or near staff who can assist you if necessary.
Do: Know that falls can cause major setbacks in your progress.
Donít: Think you cannot get hurt if you fall.